Physical facilities and Happiness

Every Human being wants to live with continuous happiness and feeling of prosperity. If we observe our lifestyle today, almost all our effort and time goes in order to ensure physical facilities. The inherent presumption behind this effort is that physical facilities will ensure continuity of happiness. If we look into this presumption, what appears is that in case of lack of physical facilities we feel unhappy. But we all know that having enough of physical facilities cannot ensure continuity of happiness. Thus it becomes essential to address to the need of happiness and physical facilities separately (both being important). Therefore, one must understand happiness, physical facilities and the inter-relation between the two.

Physical facilities basically consist of physio-chemical things, which are used for the nurturing, protection and right utilization of the body. Today we are in the habit of deriving happiness out of the sensations coming out of the touch of these physio-chemical things (the example of a rasgulla). If the sensation is favorable (on expected grounds) to our taste then we get happiness, otherwise we feel unhappy (or not so happy) about it. This is called ruchi mulak aaswadan (taste based on sensation).

We cannot get continuity of happiness out of the sensation coming out of physio-chemical things. This is because to ensure the continuity, we need to maintain a constant contact with physio-chemical things, which is highly unlikely (if not impossible). Even if we try to maintain a constant contact, then it would be interesting to note the pattern of the sensations coming out of it. At first, the sensation seems favorable and necessary. As the contact continues, the sensation seems to get favorable but unnecessary. Soon they turn into unfavorable sensations followed by intolerable sensations and thus we are forced to release the contact of that physio-chemical thing. Thus something which started as being source of happiness soon turns into a source of gross unhappiness. And so we tend to fall into the trap of changing our source of sensation from one to another and time to time.

Since we are not able to derive the continuity of happiness through sensations, we come to believe that we don’t have enough of  physical facilities, and so we go about accumulating more and more physical facilities and thus fall into the trap of consumerism. We never understand the simple fact that it is not possible to achieve the continuity to happiness through sensations. In order to ensure continuity of happiness, the source of happiness needs to be continuous (which physio-chemical things can never be).

To ensure continuity of happiness right understanding and right feelings (in relationshio) are required. Right understanding leads to happiness, right feeling in relationship leads to happiness. Whenever we lack right understanding, there is lack of clarity, there is doubt and fear, which leads to unhappiness. Whenever we lack right feelings in relationship, or we have feeling of opposition it leads to unhappiness.

To live with right understanding and with right feelings is called samadhan. So, samadhan leads to happiness, lack of samadhan (samasya) leads to unhappiness. Continuity of happiness is possible through samadhan, because, continuity of samadhan is possible. Continuity of samadhan is ensured if it comes from knowledge. Knowledge gives rise to right understanding and right feelings. If our understanding is based on mere imagination or if I’m not authenticate about it, then such a understanding will not have a continuity. Therefore, knowledge in the self is required for right understanding, which leads to a state of Samadhan, which in turn leads to continuous happiness.

Knowledge leading to right understanding mainly consists of three parts- a) knowledge of the self, b) knowledge of things around upto the entire existence and c) understanding of the relationship between self and each unit in existence (which is also referred to as human conduct). Knowledge of all three leads to Samadhan which ensures continuity of happiness. This is referred to as Samadhan mulak aaswadan (taste based on understanding). Similarly, there is continuity of right feelings based on right understanding which leads to continuity of happiness. This is referred to as Mulyamulak aaswadan (taste based on feelings). So, the shift has to be from ruchi mulak aaswadan to Samadhanmulak aaswadan and Mulyamulak aaswadan.

Being in a state of Samadhan, we can now know the need of physical facilities. And once we know how much we need, we can work with nature to produce more than what is required. This leads to a feeling of prosperity which has continuity to it. We also realize then, that our need for physical facilities is limited, while the resources in nature are more than enough to ensure those needs, and therefore, there is possibility of prosperity for everyone.

Thus by right understanding and right feelings, we ensure continuity of happiness and by right production, we ensure the feeling of prosperity, which are the ultimate desires of every human being. Needless to say that just ‘accumulation of physical facilities’ is not enough for it.


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