Physical facilities and Prosperity

Every human being wants to live with continuous happiness and feeling of prosperity. If we see most of our efforts and time are largely put to ensure accumulation of physical facilities, the presumption being that physical facilities will ensure both happiness and feeling of prosperity. Today, we only have a feel for the need of prosperity, but due to lack of understanding, we end up working only for physical facilities, without making sure whether it is leading to a feeling of prosperity or not.

To solve the above problem, we need to look into the answers of two basic questions- a) what are meanings of ‘physical facilities’ and ‘prosperity’? Are they the same thing or two distinct things? And b) can prosperity be ensured by accumulating physical facilities? Physical facilities are nothing but physio-chemical things which are used for nurturing, protection and right utilization of body, while prosperity is a feeling of having (or ability to have) more physical facilities than required.

Today we don’t even talk about knowing how much physical facilities we need. Instead, we go about accumulating more and more physical facilities. This is like filling water in a glass which has no base. No amount of water will fill the glass. Have you ever tried to look into the question of how much physical facilities you need? If yes, then can you see a possibility of having more than that? If physical facilities for you have been converted into money, then have you thought of how much money is needed and the possibility of having more than that? If you have not given a thought to above questions then I’m afraid you will never feel prosperous. If you believe that needs are unlimited and resources are limited (something very prominently taught by modern economics) then you are bound to feel deprived. If you look carefully into what modern economy states (needs are unlimited while resources are limited), then you would realize everyman in this earth is bound to be deprived. The earth does not have enough to make even a single person feel prosperous.

If you look back into the definition given for prosperity, it has two components in it- a) to know how much physical facilities one needs and b) to have more (or have ability to produce more) than what is required. Thus in first place, it becomes essential to understand how much do we need. This understanding can only come from a state of Samadhan (state of right understanding and right feeling). Only then can we ensure to have more than what is required and thus feel prosperous and happy.

From right understanding, one realizes that human being is a co-existence of Self (I) and body. The need of Self (I) is continuous happiness, while need of body is physical facilities (physio-chemical things) for its nurture, protection and right utilization. Need of I is fulfilled by right understanding and right feelings, while need of body is fulfilled by work with rest of the nature to produce physical facilities. One realizes that the need of I is continuous in time and is of qualitative nature, while need to body is limited in time and of quantitative nature. Nature has more than enough to fulfill the need of body of every individual. Thus with a state of Samadhan, one can ensure how much physical facilities is required and thus go about producing more than that, and so have the feeling of prosperity.

One symptom of feeling prosperous is that you feel to nourish the other. While in the absence of this feeling, you always feel the need to have more and thus think in terms of exploiting the other. One can look into oneself and see whether we have a feeling of nourishment for the other, or a feeling of exploiting?

To ensure prosperity first Samadhan is necessary and then the required physical facilities. In absence of Samadhan, we are into the loop of accumulating more and more (without knowing how much is required)and thus feeling deprived continuously (and finally thinking of exploiting the other). Today each individual needs to look within oneself and find out where he/she stands.


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