Harmony in Society

Expectations- Human Objectives

To lead a perennially happy and prosperous life is ultimate human goal. To realize this human being have four objectives- Samadhan (Right Understanding) in self, Samridhi (Prosperity) in family, Abhay (Trust) in Society, Saha-Astitwa (Co-exitence) with rest of the nature.

1. Right Understanding is the need of every human being. When one is not having the right understanding, he remains disturbed and he starts disturbing others.
2. Prosperity is the need of every family implying that the family should be able to identify its needs and be able to produce/ achieve more than its needs.
3. Trust is the fundamental expectation in every relation in the Society. When every person feels related to every one else on the basis of trust, it forms an indivisible society (Akhand Samaj).
4. Co-existence with the rest of Nature means ensuring a relation of mutual fulfillment among four orders of nature.

5 Dimensions of Human Society

1) Shiksha- Sanskar ( Education- Sanskar)
2) Swasthaya Sanyam ( Sanyam- health)
3) Utpadan Karya ( Production-work)
4) Vinimaya Kosh ( Exchange – repository/ storage)
5) Nyaya Suraksha ( Justice-security)

3 Yojana (Plans)


1. Lok-Shiksha Yojana

2. Shiksha Sanskar Yojana

3. Gram Swarajya Yojana